Certified Shock Absorbing Gravel

At E. Krag Raw Materials Ltd. we offer Certified Shock Absorbing Gravel Which is monitored by Dancert.

Certified Shock Absorbing Gravel is the proper product for both institutions and public playgrounds where there are regulations on which products to use and documentation needed.

This type of gravel is usually used places where children play, for exampel in a kinder garden, in a school, on a playground or other places, where a soft layer is needed.

The Certificate

We offer 2-5 mm Shock Absorbing Gravel with a G023-04 Certificate that can be used on playgrounds up to 3 meters tall. One certificate will be given upon pickup or delivery.

Ordering Certified Shock Absorbing Gravel

Certified Shock Absorbing Gravel has to be pre ordered and then picked up in Lovtrup, in Southern Jutland. We deliver to the Danish and German Market upon request.

to pre order, you can contact us on the phone: +45 74 63 01 02, but you are also very welcome to send us an Email at mail@ekrag.com.

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