About E. Krag Raw Materials Ltd.

E. Krag Raw Materials Ltd. was founded as Schmidt & Krag in 1954. The point of reference for the two partners Jep Schmidt og Jes Krag was Loejt Kirkeby outside Aabenraa and the company has since then delivered raw materials to numerous known projects in North Germany – including the new Elb-tunnel in Hamburg.

I 1972 flyttede man kontoret til Aabenraa, hvor man i mange år forinden havde drevet et stort råstoflager på Aabenraa Havn. Erik Krag og Torben Ivarsson der i 1978 overtog firmaet Schmidt og Krag, skiltes i 1981, hvorefter Erik Krag fortsatte handlen med råstoffer under navnet A/S E. Krag Sten & Grus. 

I 2004 overtog Lars Krag Andreasen og Kirstine Krag Andreasen firmaet fra Erik Krag, og Ole Hohlmann kom med som partner og medindehaver i 2006 indtil sin pensionering i 2017. 

E. Krag Raw Materials Ltd. is still driven with the same spirit to this day as it was when it was founded for over 65 years ago. our mission is, with a high degree service and reliability, to satisfy our customers need for raw materials and related service. Thus we want to be the preferred supplier of raw materials.

Bank Connections:


Aabenraa Kreditbank A/S

Account no. 7930-1051151


Sydbank Flensborg

IBAN: DE08 2151 0600 1000 4294 64


Electronic Invoices:

Electronic invoices will be forwarded to faktura@ekrag.com in pdf format.


E. Krag Raw Materials Ltd. has through many years been one of the 1% of companies in this line of business, with a AAA-rating!