Our Products 

Granite Chips

Explore our wide selection of granite

Rock Armour

Quarry stones and natural stones for coastal protection

Lindholm Sea sand

Directly sourced from the Baltic Sea

Rock Powder

Ideal for paving with excellent load-bearing capacity

Hyperite Subbase

High load-bearing capacity - multiple fractions

Large Natural Round Stones and Dyke Stones

Beautiful natural stones for the garden

Quarry Stones and Gabion Stones

Decorative stones with many purposes

Hand Sorted Natural Paving Stones

Unique hand-sorted stones, cleaned of flint

North Sea Stones

Beautiful rounded stones in brownish colours

Stones, gravel and sand

Materials for all types of construction projects

Walkway Gravel

Robust material for walkways

Certified Shock Absorbing Gravel

Ensuring safety on the playground

Riding Grounds

Materials for constructing riding grounds


For agriculture, industry, and construction

Polar Road Salt

Winter solutions - loose, bag, and big bag

Oven-dried Quartz Sand

For non-slip paving and filtration


We offer flexible bagging solutions