Stone, gravel and sand






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We supply stone, gravel and sand for all purposes:


  • Certified gravel, sand og granitskærver for concrete production


  • Certified gravel, sand and granite for asphalt production

Certified Shock Absorbing Gravel

  • Shock absorbing gravel with a certificate for public playgrounds

Building and Industry Tasks

  • Sand

  • Filter Materials

  • Subbase

​Crushed Gravel fragments​

  • Ideal for covering

  • Good drainage effect

  • Good carrying capacity

  • Easy to smooth


  • Certified Tranekaer sea sand for sand boxes and playgrounds

  • Sea sand for mortar

  • Special sand for sandblasting/jointing

  • Oven dried quartz sand for non-skid and filter materials

Filter Materials

  • Gravel for all types of drainage

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Do you want more information about our sea sand, you are always welcome to contact us on the phone +45 74 63 01 02.  
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